SketchBubble Case Study

Providing High Quality Visual Resources under One URL

SketchBubble is one of the top PowerPoint template design firms. Its staff flaunt decades of experience in offering state-of-the-art visual resources. It has worked with some of the biggest organizations across different sectors, including BMW, Adobe, MetLife and ESPN.

We created the website using Magento, the top eCommerce platform that offers its users a number of benefits including freedom to choose hosting service, access to numerous features, and search engine optimized designs. In addition to customizing the site according to SketchBubble's needs, we integrated BlueSnap's Magento module to ensure easier and quicker payments.

To guarantee SketchBubble's users a better user experience, we also implemented responsive design. This enables clients to access the website even on their mobile devices without compromising on usability or quality of graphics. Finally, once done with the web app, we uploaded it to Linux Server while using MySql database at the backend.

The Challenge

SketchBubble wanted to expand its reach and provide professionals with easy access to its latest PowerPoint templates, diagrams, charts and maps. That way, they can choose the best visual resources for their presentations and instantly download them. At the backend, the solution should track individual sales via the Shopping Cart feature and report them to SketchBubble promptly.


Infoshore came up with an eCommerce solution where SketchBubble’s product users can easily shop for PowerPoint visual aids and then check out in one go. Our solution allows users to:

  • Set up their own accounts to get regular updates and shop easily the second time onwards
  • Establish a wishlist which can be used for future purchases
  • Collect different products in one cart and check out at the end
  • Avail discount coupons whenever offered
  • Checkout as guests in case this is a one-time purchase
  • Review orders before finally checking out and downloading the necessary files


With our solution, SketchBubble has been able to establish a strong foothold in the PowerPoint visual aids market. Since the launch of its eCommerce site in December 2013, it has sold over 1000 of templates, maps and charts, marking one of its fastest growing companies of its kind.

Inspired by its quick growth, SketchBubble has been able to shift its emphasis on conversions. The website now offers 21 free slides which can be downloaded after visitors fill in an opt-in form. These provide users with samples from different PowerPoint elements while adding contact details of potential clients into the company’s database.