Seismic Audio Case Study

Increasing Sales by Expanding into Multiple Sales Channels

Seismic Audio is an online retailer that takes pride in offering cost-effective and high quality speaker gear and accessories online. Starting from PA/DJ Speakers to Tripod Speakers and Microphone Stands, it is the most comprehensive store for musicians, DJs and music lovers.
Seismic Audio Website Screenshot

Seismic Audio's new website was developed using Volusion, one of the leading eCommerce solutions that combines web design and inbound marketing services in one platform. We chose the platform because of the benefits it adds to eCommerce sites, include higher conversions and easy track of inventory. As a result, it can help Seismic Audio tweak its marketing and ultimately achieve its goals.

As for the store's Multi Channel Selling System, we developed a platform using CakePHP framework. This platform is capable of automating inventory distribution, email communications and order tracking from a single interface. It also allows vendors to sell via Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Volusion based ecommerce store, and a local physical store.

The Challenge

Seismic Audio has been depending on its Volusion-based ecommerce website to achieve the most sales. However, the online retailer was having a tough time achieve its sales target. Therefore, it wanted to overhaul its website to make it more profitable. In addition, it wanted to be able to sell its items through numerous sales channels, including eBay and Amazon.

How Infoshore Helped

InfoShore developed a centralized inventory management system that integrated with Channel Advisor, eBay, Amazon, Volusion, and Bonanza market places. Using this system, Seismic Audio is now able to sell its product line on various marketplaces while automatically syncing its inventory management operations. As a result, not only can the retailer expand to more clients, but it can prevent the risk of overselling its offerings.


With our help, Seismic Audio has been able to achieve a higher number of sales thanks to expanding on different channels. However, the biggest strengths Infoshore delivered to the online retailer were:

  • The ability to generate more revenue while managing the inventory from a single platform
  • Freeing human resources from carrying out repetitive tasks and saving employee costs
  • The chance to analyze business trends quickly and launch products the minute they are added
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction through easy browsing and check out and guaranteeing repeat business