RomanceLatina Case Study

Helping Latin Singles Find their Perfect Match Effortlessly

RomanceLatina was established in 2011 by two Americans with 30 years of experience. They wanted to provide Colombians and other Latin single with the opportunity to connect with others and find marriage partners.
RomanceLatina Website Screenshot

For the online portal, we used SkDate software which is built in Core PHP while saving data on a MySQL database at the backend. As for the app, we used Xcode iPhone framework as our initial studies showed that most of the site’s users had compatible iOS devices.

The Challenge

RomanceLatina wanted to renovate its portal as well as create an app that would allow users to interact via mobile. The purpose of these was to match with the latest changes across the web and reach users who have gone mobile with their needs for romance.

How Infoshore Helped

Infoshore first focused its efforts on the portal, renovating it to be more SEO friendly and attractive to singles. We also created a new, attractive design that would appeal to today’s users and support most of the modern browsers. To make communication even easier, we created a chat module that supported a number of Latin languages to allow users to chat in their own language.

However, it was the iPhone app that really required the most attention since it had to be developed from scratch. We created a dating app that could connect the website’s users regardless of their different language background. Other prominent features of the app include:

  • Notifications of alerts
  • Quick access to mailbox, members, news feed, or members'list
  • View users’ information

Results is currently one of the fastest growing websites and a popular choice for those seeking serious relationships. The website receives over 100 hits (Verify this number with ashish)every day. Meanwhile, the app has established the seriousness of RomanceLatina’s brand name, garnering over 50,000 downloads till date.