RiffMaster Pro Case Study

Slowing Down Music to Help its Lovers Learn and Savor it

TMS Trading is home to many music lovers who would like to savor the most beautiful sounds of favorite songs. With an idea for a unique music app, the company has set its feet firmly in the music learning industry.
RiffMaster Website Screenshot

As the app was designed to be used solely for iPhone users, we developed it using iPhone Xcode API and Cocoa framework.

The Challenge

TMS Trading had the idea of creating an app that allows music lovers to enjoy their favorite musical riffs while those learning on their instruments can slow down music to learn how to play it.

How Infoshore Helped

With Infoshore’s experience, TMS Trading entrusted us with the task of developing what would later be known as the RiffMaster Pro. The app could slow down a guitar solo on an iPhone or iPad without changing its pitch, allowing users to learn it note-for-note. The app also allowed its users to:

  • Slow down up to 25%
  • Zoom into specific sound waves
  • Change the key of a music file when necessary
  • Rip audio from CDs and save them as MP3 or Wav (for the Mac version)
  • Transcribe music of any song
  • Access audio from users’ Dropbox accounts


The app was quite successful that we have upgraded it to its third version. It is also rated as 4+ on iTunes, making it one of the top apps in the music genre. Through the success of this app, TMS Trading has been able to ascertain its position and brand name in cyberspace and win more clients who have gone to use its other offerings.