MobShield Case Study

Securing Lives and Relationships with a Single App

MobShield is one of the newest yet quickly growing parental control software developers. It has established a strong hold over the security market through its app, which was developed by the skilled professionals at Infoshore.
MobShield Website Screenshot

For the portal, we used CakePHP due to its added security features and robustness as a framework. As for the app, we wanted to make sure that all users could avail its benefits, which is why we developed it for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. We also used Google Maps API in the web app to show real time locations of mobile.

The Challenge

MobShield had a vision to come up with a strongmobileparental control app that could allow parents to monitor their children's mobile phones, block certain applications and websites, and restrict usage whenever they want. The app would also be used by concerned employers who want their work on time.However, with so much on mind, MobShield needed a skilled developer to work on its app and ultimately secure its success.

How Infoshore Helped

Infoshore worked with MobShield's staff, realizing every feature and suggesting changes based on our experience in this field. We were able to develop an app that could:

  • Black list certain contacts, preventing their calls or messages from reaching the phone's user
  • Block third party apps as well as certain websites
  • Track the phone user’s activity, including incoming and outgoing calls
  • Track the mobile phone’s users through GPS tracking
  • Restrict phone usage, including call and internet surfing times
  • Notify tracker in case the SIM card has been changed
  • Provide a panic alert that allows the phone’s user to dial a secret code and alert family contacts via SMS about the phone's current GPS location

We also developed and designed a portal for users to access the data collected from the tracked mobile phone. This enables trackers to view the data they need without having to use the mobile phone over and over.


The MobShield app was a success, receiving thousands of downloads within just one month on their website. Parents and employers alike have registered and download the app, tracking mobile phones and ensuring that users and their own interests are safe.