Mobile Detectives Case Study

Helping Mobile Users Recover their Phones and Data

Mobile Detectives has been combining its mobile telephonic and special force investigation units’ experience since 1994. Considered one of South Africa’s first location-based service providers, it proudly boast recovering thousands of phones every year. However, in 2012, it wanted a little more.
Mobile Detective Website Screenshot

For the portal, we used CakePHP which is MVC based framework for the web development. MySQL is used for data storage as it is one of the top database software and one of the easiest to use and develop with. As for the app, Mobile Detectives wanted a comprehensive solution that could reach many, which is why we used Android, Symbian, iPhone and BlackBerry development tools to build their mobile app for antitheft and data security.

The Challenge

Realizing that the world has started becoming mobile, Mobile Detectives realized the importance of having an app in the device itself. Therefore, it needed a GPS tracking and anti-theft solution that was perfect for South African user.

How Infoshore Helped

After developing a clear outline of what our client wanted, we developed an anti-theft app that could help users find their phones or at the least recover their data. To ensure that the phone becomes useless to the person who stole it, the original owner can lock the phone and start tracking its location in real time.

Other features of the app include:
  • GPS Tracking and cell tower tracking
  • SIM change alerts
  • Activation of features through discreet SMS
  • App uninstall protection
  • Electronic backup for contacts and data

To complement the app, we also created a portal where the phone's original owner can access the app's data and retrieve it to their new phones in case.


The app has received many positive reviews, with around 100 users till date being able to recover their mobile phones. This has helped boost Mobile Detectives’ operations and ensure the company of more revenue, profits and sales.