eBay Best Offer iPhone App Case Study

Connecting Businesses and Clients with a Few Taps and Swipes

Seismic Audio is an online retailer that specializes in high quality speakers and their accessories. Known for offering value, its offerings include PA/DJ Speakers, Microphone Stands and Tripod Speakers, making it a one-stop shop for music lovers, musicians and DJs.
Ebay Best Offer ScreenShot

We mainly used Cocoa, which is the UI framework for creating iOS applications,but we also integrated eBay APIs. As for web services, we relied on CakePHP, which is a very popular new framework that offers developers numerous advantages, including object relational mapping andbuilt-in authorization and security.

The Challenge

Seismic Audio uses the Best Offer option of eBay on its eBay listing and receives several numbers of offers on a daily basis. However, their turnaround time to reply to those offers was three to four hours depending depends on how frequently the staff to checked their emails. Because of the delay in response, they were losing some of their prospective customers.

How Infoshore Helped

We built an iPhone application which allows the merchant to handle customer offers instantly. Whenever any prospective customer on eBay sends an offer for any of merchant's listing, the app will show the offer on the merchant’s iPhone home screen via push notification alert. From there, they choose one of the below options.

  • To accept the offer and sell out the item.
  • To reject the offer.
  • To place a counter offer for his eBay listing.


In addition to streamlining Siesmic Audio’s operations and ensuring the company’s ability to respond to customers in real time, the app has helped improve the company’s sale dramatically.This, in turn, has helped it generate more revenue.