Which Java Framework is Most Suitable for Web Development?

The current era is an era of Java. A major portion of the websites developed in recent years are created on certain Java frameworks. Due to their increasing reach java web development frameworks have been highly preferred in the development of web portals and applications.

At present, there are a variety of Java frameworks that are used to create various websites and applications. The popularity of these frameworks has surged exponentially over the years, and now they have a role to play in almost each and every web development initiative. While developing a website, these Java frameworks are considered to be of a great assistance.

java web development frameworks

However, most of the developers who use these frameworks have a little or no knowledge about the suitability of that framework for the web portal or application they are creating. In other words, there are different Java frameworks for different type of web development requirements and all frameworks are not suitable for all type of web developments.

Here we will be elaborating about some popular Java frameworks and their application in web development.

1) Grails 2.2.2 – Being an open source framework, this is widely used by the web developers around the world. Using the programming language ‘Groovy’, this framework has been built on the likes of Hibernate, Spring and GORMS. The main factor behind its popularity is its quick set-up and scaffolding, which is of a great assistance for the developers in terms of simplicity of use and saving of time. One more amazing feature of this framework is that it eliminate writing XML configuration files instead the framework use coding over convention principle for configuration. The option of using same code for multiple operations saves a lot of time. It is quite preferred among the enterprises due to its agile development methodology feature.

2) Struts – This framework is a bit old but among the most popular ones. Being based on the MVC architecture, it does away with the need of Action Forms. But all is not good with this framework as initiating the prototyping requires a lot of configuration in it. However, the new enhancements added to the latest version – Struts 2.3.16 – have made it significantly powerful and compatible. Business Logic can be written in another frameworks and can be integrated to the struts project.

3) Vaadin 7.1.1 – If the appealing User Interface is what you are looking at, Vaadin can prove one of the most suitable frameworks for your web development needs. For the business applications, it can provide one of the best web user interface. One highly exciting feature of this framework is a unique drag & drop mechanism, which enables the developer to add components even while being in design mode. Also if there is something within repository which you want to use in your code, just add it to project after downloading the JAR. Its useful directory adds to the charm further.

4) Play 2.1.2 – This framework is popular for its flexibility and performance. It offers a unique documentation and scaffolding mechanism which makes it highly preferred among developers. It uses the Java and Scala programming languages and there is no need of compilation of codes, which saves a lot of time in the development as all you need to do is just deploy and restart. Its the programmer choice whether he use scala or java.

As you must have noticed while going through the above details, all Java frameworks have something unique about them and different frameworks are suitable for different development needs and requirements. If you wish to achieve a rapid application prototyping Play and Grails would suit your need. On the other hand, if a huge community support, ease of use and documentation is what you are looking at Vaadin is a good options.

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