Remote workforce management mobile apps can enhance productivity

The 21st century’s workforce has gone mobile. With companies allowing workers to carry out their work from wherever and supporting the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon, it was only natural that companies start mobilizing their IT. However, managing people physically is hard enough, let alone managing them via apps. This is where a task tracking application comes in handy.

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There are a number of task tracking apps that provide you with time tracking and fleet logistics features. Others also include features that can help you track where your employees are, where they’ve been and where they’ll be heading next. Through these features, managers can easily ensure their employees’ efficiency and guarantee fewer collaboration mistakes between workers.

In addition, planning becomes easier and more streamlined with a mobile workforce management solution. Whereas managers usually have to work using spreadsheets and meetings, task tracking tools improves employee workflow and project management. Task management also solves time management and project completion since all work-related tasks are automated.

The other feature, i.e. personnel location tracking, offers a number of advantages, including being able to see where all workers are and dispatching them to where they should be. For companies such as restaurants, construction service providers and utilities, this feature can help those monitoring the app report to end users, giving them an ETA for the arrival of goods or services.

However, before you start looking for and screening mobile device management companies, there is one aspect you need to plan first. Using a task tracking app can raise a few ethical objections, especially since your employees will feel as if you’re watching them all the time. For that, you need to discuss a few aspects with your HR personnel and decide what your next step will be.

Having an app does have its perks, but you should make sure that you end up benefiting rather than losing your employees’ trust.

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