Key Points to Remember While Developing Mobile App for your Business

Thinking about having an application for your business and actually designing and developing an application for your business are two distinctive aspects. While you can create mental images and form expectations around the app, it is overly complex to actually integrate all that you want into a functioning piece of software. Moreover, there are dozens of big companies and huge brands that have brilliant websites made but still struggle to get a good application designed for their business.

The subject of mobile application development can take a different turn when you talk about traditional and digital designs. That is why it is important to remember that subtle and obvious differences can sometimes differentiate a successful mobile application from the one that fails miserably.

Here are some very useful tips to keep in mind when embarking on developing and designing a killer application for your business.

Consider Your Options

Do you want a mobile application or do you want a mobile (responsive) website? These are two different things that are often confused with each other. Before initiating design and development, it is important that you think about what you want and then focus on it. Now you can have both a mobile website and a mobile application, but you will have to weigh in both the options and prioritize at first.

Luckily, the decision can be easy to make at times. For example, if you want create a utility game for smart devices, you’d be better off developing an application for that game first rather than worry about how your website will look on the screen of a smartphone.

Think About Where You Will be Using Your Mobile Application

Once you decide to get a mobile application designed and developed, the next thing you should consider is how your mobile app will be used and where. The answers to these two questions directly influence how you engineer your application.

For example, if you want to a design an application that people can use while walking anywhere, a location app for instance, then it is important that your app be easy and accessible. Similarly, if you want to design an application that can be used by people to sell products, make sure that you integrate shopping cart options and a call-to-action functionality such as ‘buy this’ or ‘add to cart’.

Be Mindful of Different Smart Phone Screen Sizes

Even on similar cell phone platforms, there can be a huge difference between the screen size and resolution type of different smartphone brands. For example, the resolution you get on HTC Incredible is completely different from that of HTC EVO 4G. Therefore, if you want your business applications to have a consistent look and functionality, you have to design it to be scalable irrespective of different smart phone screens and resolutions.

Design your Application for Touch

This goes without saying really. However, you should always consider the ergonomics of your mobile application. In simpler words, you have to consider how a person uses their smartphone. You have to think about where a person’s thumb sits while using a particular application. With this in mind, you have to design and integrate your application. For example, many applications feature a menu at the bottom of the screen while they place the content on the top. So always consider the layout of your application.

If you want to design and develop a functioning business application, it will be essential that you consider the above mentioned tips to create the perfect application for business’s needs.