How to use NFC Technology in a Business Application

Forget carrying your wallet or paper tickets around with you all time. Everything is going digital in the future; your phone will be your wallet and your ticket. But wait… you don’t believe this, right? Well, there is a technology that will turn you into a believer: NFC Technology.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a convenient yet exclusive mobile phone technology that allows data to be exchanged in small numbers when you integrate two or more NFC-enabled smartphones or devices together. Once it is fully developed, the technology will be used to identify users and their bank account numbers, associating the information with their computers, laptops and other smart devices.

One advantage of NFC lies in its short range; the minimum power wireless link developed using the concepts of radio frequency identification (RFID) allows data exchange from a distance of 10 cm. As a result, only you will be able to access your information since you have the device and know where to use it.

How Can NFC be Better for Your Business?

Although the technology has not yet been integrated into an application, it can prove to be powerful asset for your business once it does. NFC can be utilized adequately for marketing purposes. For example, you could tap the poster of film on your smartphone only to discover everything you should know about the film, its release, it budget, its ratings, etc. Imagine what you can do with this technology to promote your business’ ad campaigns.

Currently, the technology is being developed to promote making payments using your smartphone. Through a NFC application, you could use your phone to make payments by tapping it to a wireless payment terminal in any shop. The terminal recognizes your account and makes the transaction.

Is NFC more Convenient than a Credit Card?

Now you must be thinking that you could very well use your credit card to tap and shop and pay instantly rather than using NFC technology. While there are certain credit cards that can be used to tap and make payments, NFC is a far more flexible and convenient tool for making payments. First of all, you’ll be making payments through your phone; you won’t have to carry all those credit cards with you. Secondly, you can never forget to take you phone somewhere with you, but you can forget your wallet.

Last but not least, with NFC technology, you can use your phone to perform functions like storing your coupon cards, boarding passes, tickets, money, etc. This is amazingly hassle-free as you will not have to carry anything at all, which means you will not be forgetting anything.

Although NFC is still being tested and developed, you can expect it to be launched very soon. According to ABI Research, there will be 1.95 billion NFC integrated smartphones and other devices hitting the market. And why wouldn’t there be any? NFC is secure, convenient and, hey, tap and pay. What more could you possibly ask for?