How to make your Java development venture effective and productive?

Today’s world is a world of outsourcing. The cutthroat competition in the IT domain has made it very difficult for the software vendors to provide effective solutions at economical price. The best way to achieve the lowest possible cost of IT overheads and software development can be hiring an offshore IT company for all your software development requirement. Since Java is very popular I have taken example of Java Outsourcing for this post to understand how the Java Development Outsourcing can be productive.

While outsourcing any work, a big concern can be of reliability and trustworthiness of the company which you are planning to hire. Also, even if you have found a reliable partner, making your partnership effective and productive is equally important. However, the concern of reliability and productivity can be completely discarded by simply following an effective out-sourcing process, which ensures that you end-up reaching minimal costs and optimal profits.

Without wasting anymore time, lets directly go through the process which can make your outsourcing venture highly productive. Asking these questions to yourself before entering any venture will be of a great help.

1) What is the scope?

The first and foremost step in ensuring optimum productivity of your venture is to define the scope of your software development venture. This way you can ensure that your partner will not go out of track and will work within project’s scope.

2) What are my needs from this project?

Knowing your needs help you create a road-map for your project. This way, you will be able to identify the essential features for your application.

3) What is the Objective?

Once the scope is defined and need is determined, the next step should be an outright clarification of the objectives of your project. This is one of the important steps among all as pre-established objectives help in making sure that you and your joint venture partner have a similar direction of the project in mind.

Suppose that being a vendor you want to use a particular Java framework and want to deploy a particular database and server in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. But how will your outsourced partner will be able to know it? The only way is to enlist your quantifiable objectives so that the service quality and quantity can be as per your expectations.

4) Do I have enough understanding of JAVA?

It is always crucial to have at least basic understanding of Java as it will help you understand the in and out of the development stages and stepwise time-lines of any software development project. This way you will be able to determine the quantifiable services of your application development needs.

5) What is more important – price or quality?

Though, no one can deny the importance of the pricing in any development venture, but all your focus shouldn’t be on this aspect only. The quality of the service provided is even more important. Thus, it is always imperative to chose a vendor who has a balanced approach towards quality and value for money.

6) Are the Java professionals I am hiring skilled enough?

Many a times it happens that the software vendors overlook the skills of the software professionals who will be handling the projects. Most of the projects based on Java require an optimum technical expertise, thus only skilled developers and professionals can understand your needs and deliver a quality service. If cost is not the ultimate barrier, hiring Java Certified Professionals can be a good idea.

7) How I am going to monitor the project progress?

Hiring an effective partner is not enough, the process of outsourcing is not complete till the project is running. Tracking the development and taking a stock of things time to time is very important. It saves a lot of time for both parties involved in this development.

8) Have I set any per-defined checkpoints?

It is important for the software venders to use the pre-defined milestones for creating a work plan. It makes the project reviewing process hassle-free and smooth. Going one step further, you can even create a milestone wise payment process. This will motivate your development partner to respect deadlines and deliver the project on time.

9) Who will own the deliverable?

Most of the disputes occur with the development partner after the project is delivered are related to the ownership of resulting product and code. It is important to make it clear beforehand that what will be the uses of deliverable.

10) Do I need to extend this contract further?

Long term contracts are beneficial in keeping the maintenance and service charges significantly low. If you are satisfied with the previous work done by your venture partners, extend the contract further so that they can be available for your work in future.

So, next time when you plan to enter an offshore Java development venture, make sure you have prepared yourself well with answering these questions beforehand. By doing this, you can be rest assured of success of your venture with optimal efficiency and productivity.