A Simple Guide to develop a successful Mobile App

The Business of Apps: A brief Intro

We all are now completely aware about the rise of the smartphone market and it is still growing day by day. Sure there are other platforms in competition like laptops and tablets but mobiles are still leading the market. This, people’s primary device is the perfect medium to reach the masses and to do so you need an application.
An application designed creatively & developed logically can give you exposure in global market. A greatly designed app is more critical for your business as the market is flooding with so many apps and to make a mark a creatively designed app with a good user interface reaches the masses quickly and populates on its own. So you always have to keep in mind that the focus should be on design and development process.

Become the father of your project: Plan for its bright future

Having said so your app needs 2 guardians to help it grow and prosper. A designer & developer team is responsible to nurture and raise their app. A designer’s work isn’t restricted to design the look and feel of the app but is also responsible for how the user interacts with your app, which is a crucial part for your app’s future. Designer always needs to work in close collaboration with developer’s team to bring out a product of high value, great usability and excellent design.
Similar is the case with the developers. A developer has to think the pro way, take guidance from a PRO to help better your app and try to bring out a piece of need for the users. It’s a developer’s duty to see that the user shouldn’t face any issues in using the app, it should not seem copied from other operating system, the user shouldn’t be left hanging with a blank screen for a long time etc. There is always more to it. Try & find ways to strengthen your application.

Take your app to people effectively: Outline an exceptional marketing approach

This is the most crucial part of taking an app’s to its users. How and what will be the mediums or platforms to populate your app? How to introduce it in the market? How will users react? Etc. How the users will react towards your app totally depends on the connection between your app’s user interfaces and how effectively & truly you communicate it to the users. People should always be able to relate your message with the actual feel of your app. It’s trendsetting and if your app proves your communicated message it’s already a hit.
It’s in your hands on planning for its future on how it’s going to make money? Should it be a paid app or a free one? Decide upon how you can penetrate the market that is flooded with wonderfully doing apps. Plan an engaging advertising strategy to take it to the people effectively. Yes it may require a bit more on the spend front but to make your app popular quickly, an advertising plan should be in place.

The Ethics of design

There are several things to be considered while designing and developing an app. Let’s have a look at some important points –

  • Know your audience & Competitors– First step is to decide upon a niche for your app and identify your target audience. Before finalizing on the concept you need to study your competitors working in the same niche. Don’t be lazy go on trying other apps from similar niche and find out the need gap for what more you can offer your audience. Boost your chances of impressing the audience by knowing their needs and how to fulfil them.
  • Stay updated on latest technological advancements– Go on to find out comparisons, reviews and analysis available on the internet for all the competing apps in the same niche. Study expert’s opinion on this matter. Stay updated on what’s being talked about the most. Read popular tech blogs that always are filled with latest information and discussion on new mobile apps. Explore devices and platforms to bring out a better app for the users.
  • Combine your findings:Brainstorm – Combine all your research and try to ideate more concepts. Ask yourself these questions – is my app unique? Will it make money? What should I include on advertising front? What’s the goal? Does it fill the need gap? Etc… Sit down & think on how can you combine ideas & concepts and mechanics &interfaces.

Journey to a Unique Design Concept

After all the head banging processes the flow chart process starts where you draw a rough idea on how your app will work on an actual platform. To bring out a unique design you need to consider more objectives before actually starting. Let’s have a look –

  • Get inspired never copy– Remember one thing that if you copy someone else’s work you can never call it yours. It won’t match the accolades, success and profit with the one you copied. Hence, derive an inspiration from your research, find a need gap and serve the audience with a unique concept that solves their problems.
  • Make it as user friendly as possible with great effects – First go through with the animations, don’t overload it but make it look balanced because too much animation will hinder the information to be conveyed. Think about little things that can enhance the experience of your app. On the developer front program it for easy and frequent usage keeping in mind speed, algorithm design, size, animation and more.
  • Test Test Test – First participate in beta testing. Get the designer to explore the app as he will be able to respond the user way if the app is doing what’s intended. Testing it several times will help you figure out some major and minor imperfections that can still be dealt with. Compare the final product with your original designs and improve on margins, colours, fonts, pixels and more.
  • Get reviews &opinions and bring changes accordingly – You will get much of reviews after you float your marketing & advertising plans. Keep a track of consumer responses and carry n researching and brainstorming for bringing an advanced version of your app for better placement in the market and enhance its chances of popularity.