10 Reasons to Put Your Business on the Web

Are you still waiting to jump on the Internet wagon? Do you still think that the cost is not worth it? Here are 10 reasons to put your business on the Internet.

1. Reach New Customers All Over the World. Your product might just be what many people are looking for but can’t find in their own countries. By putting your business on the web, people from literally all over the world can get access to your products or services.

2. Lower Sales Costs. You don’t have to make expensive travels to Japan, the UK, or Argentina anymore. Not even phone calls or faxes. Just give your regular customers your web address and let them buy directly from you.

3. Automate Processes. Most purchasing processes are the same. By automating your sales process on a website, repetitive and tedious tasks are done automatically, liberating your staff from them so they can focus on those exceptional cases or special orders.

4. Payment in Advance. Although with your regular customers you will still continue to have the same credit terms you’ve been having, every new customer will pay you in advance, improving your cash flow and credit line.

5. It’s Much Cheaper than You Think. Many people think having a website for their businesses is expensive, but in reality is much cheaper than they think. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to the suppliers in your country. By outsourcing it to companies in other countries, you can get very affordable prices.

6. Make Information About Your Company and Your Products Available. Instead of printing and sending hundreds of brochures and catalogs just so a client can see the specs of one product, put all that information on your web and make it available to everyone at any time.

7. Make Sales While You Sleep. Literally!! By creating a website (and promoting it online), customers from different time zones will come, buy your products and pay for them while you sleep. Next day, you’ll find orders paid and ready to be sent.

8. Get Feedback from Customers. By allowing customers to post comments (anonymously or not) you can get feedback about your service and products, and make the necessary improvements.

9. Answer Frequently Asked Questions. You know your business better than anyone, and you know what questions people ask over and over. By posting a FAQ on your website, you will reduce this inquiries by up to 90%.

10. Make More Money!!! Simple as that. More sales, less costs, more clients, new markets. That’s more money for you.